Simple High Ponytail with Poof Hairstyle

Simple High Ponytail With Poof Hairstyle

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If you desire a simple hair style that looks adorable and stays even if you jump up and down for workout or other activities … This design will certainly work. I decided to make this horse tail hair style is basic with a poof when I’m cheer-leading my first year of high school. I will be a senior next year and I have actually been utilizing this design a lot. This is so charming pigtails and remain in place for the entire of my game that I cheer-leading. Since I am a flyer I comprehend the difficulty discovering an excellent hair design that remains.

This is ideal because it keeps the hair out of my face poof. I wear this hair style to the beach.

Here are the items you will certainly need:
— Teasing Comb
— Hairspray
— Bobby pins
— Hairbands
— Bows (optional).

Follow these 7 simple steps to make this cute high ponytail with poof hairstyle.

Step One: Part of bangs or hair on the front of your head (this section will certainly be a poof or swelling).
Step Two: Then make use of a hair tie, put the rest of your hair into a loose ponytail or bun.
Step Three: Tease your hair cut off (bangs or hair in the front of the head) till its volume to your preference.
Step Four: Smooth over the leading with a comb poof. The next place bobby pin on the side of the poof.
Step Five: Take the ponytail and tease the rest of your hair a little. (This adds a little pigtails your volume). This step is optional however I think it makes a ponytail looks more sweet.
Step Six: Then lightly comb your hair into a high ponytail. The last thing you will certainly do is bind with elastic.
Step Seven (optional): Place your cheer bow near to the horse’s tail (the better it is to a less noticeable elastic hair tie) For more volume you tease a little ponytail.

… that’s it. An easy hair design that you can do swiftly and will last all the time. Do not hesitate to modify to your liking and you might discover something brand-new to contribute to your hairdo.

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